Liz Gray Art News – May 2021


I hope you’re having a great month! I’m writing to let you know what new paintings and projects I’m working on in my studio. Autumn is certainly here, and I think it’s influencing the colours in a new large work I’m painting.

In the last couple of months, I’ve made a foray back into painting flowers and am thoroughly enjoying the freedom they provide as subject matter. Somebody once said of flowers, “At first enthralled by the senses, they then weave their other spells, intuitively opening up new perceptions and undercurrents”. I don’t remember who the author is, but it’s so true, isn’t it? The colours, fragrance and forms of flowers are imbued with the most incredible quality to connect with so many of our human senses. I’m presently working on a 1.8m x 1.1m canvas and am integrating loosely rendered and formed Australian wildflowers to create an almost crown like feature around a woman’s face. Using more brushwork than my usual palette knife in this one, it should be completed and available by mid-May.

Liz Gray painting flower crowned woman 2021 05 1
Liz latest work “Nymph of the Great Southern”

I recently had the pleasure of visiting the NGV Triennial in Melbourne and was particularly delighted by the 16th and 17th century gallery covered with vibrant Australian-flora wallpaper by American collective “Fallen Fruit”. The immersive artwork is a story of both the formation of colonial Australia, and how people and plants from other places have naturalised within the Indigenous landscape.

Liz Gray visiting NGV Triennial Melbourne 2021 05 N
Melbourne Art Show

The black wallpaper in one of the galleries reminded me of another of my recent works, Untamed, which is available now through Applecross Art. After years of avoiding black, I’m now quite hooked on the colour/non-colour!

Liz Gray's Untamed oilpainting
Untamed by Liz Gray | Oil on Canvas | 110 x 180cm | Original Painting

Contemporary Copper Art

Copper is making a considerable resurgence in popularity of late. It makes modern interior design and decorating look rich and stylish, and its accents bring wonderful glowing shades into interiors. David Neuhauser, founder and Managing director of U.S. hedge fund Livermore Partners, says “Copper is the new oil”!

I’ve been exploring the properties of copper as a surface for painting for a while now and have found that it is great to work on. Those Renaissance dudes knew what they were doing! Not only is it a fantastic surface to paint on but the luminescent qualities add a life of its own to the artworks. My process is to complete a design, have it cut by waterjet and then paint and engrave to complete. These works, although two dimensional, possess some sculptural qualities as they are mounted a short distance from the wall or mounting box and interesting shadows are created which can be emphasised with lighting.

Cockatoo Dreams by Liz Gray Oil on Copper Cutout framed120x90cm scaled
Cockatoo Dreams

Copper art works make interesting conversation pieces and the owner of Cockatoo Dreams, told me that visitors to her home are always intrigued by it. I think the copper certainly adds a sense of luxury and gravitas to an entrance!

Cockatoo Dreams in room 2021 05 e1620820564358
Cockatoo Dreams in owners home

I’m not aware of any other artists, except for Sophie Ploeg in the UK, who paints on this surface so I’m holding the torch for contemporary art on the metal at the moment! How to Prepare a Copper panel for Oil Painting – Sophie Ploeg.

If you are interested in any of the works featured in this newsletter, please contact:
T/ +61 466 272 852
I’m also always available to be commissioned for new work and really enjoy the opportunity of working with clients to create works for particular spaces.
Hope your next couple of weeks are inspired!

Till next time!

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