Works    Hoo-ha collection

Light hearted lovelies, enjoying life!

We're back girls! 2020 by Liz Gray

We're back girls!  2020

Oil on canvas

1500mm x 900mm

Girl time 2 2018 by Liz Gray

Girl time 2  2018

Oil on canvas

1560 x 800mm

I dont believe it! 2016 by Liz Gray

I dont believe it!  2016

Oil on canvas

1510mm x 760mm

Best Friends 2016 by Liz Gray

Best Friends  2016

Oil on canvas

1510mm x 910mm

Singlefile girls 2016 by Liz Gray

Singlefile girls  2016

Oil on canvas

1510 x 910mm

Oh Darling! 2013 by Liz Gray

Oh Darling!  2013

Oil on canvas

Just the goods! 2015 by Liz Gray

Just the goods!  2015

Two little cupcakes 2012 by Liz Gray

Two little cupcakes  2012

Oil on canvas

Giggles and Gossip 2012 by Liz Gray

Giggles and Gossip  2012

Oil on canvas