Works    Fashionistas and other interesting things

Glam voyeur 2016 by Liz Gray

Glam voyeur  2016

Oil on canvas

1510 x 760mm

Feeding frenzy 2016 by Liz Gray

Feeding frenzy  2016

Oil on canvas

Fake Fur 2013 by Liz Gray

Fake Fur  2013

Oil on canvas

Hippy dreamer 2013 by Liz Gray

Hippy dreamer  2013

Oil on canvas

Spirit 2013 by Liz Gray

Spirit  2013

Obsession with Iris 2013 by Liz Gray

Obsession with Iris  2013

Wolfgirl 2015 by Liz Gray

Wolfgirl  2015

Tapestry coat 2015 by Liz Gray

Tapestry coat  2015