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Suddenly it’s spring and its lovely to feel a sense of summery newness in the air!
I had the pleasure of attending the official opening of Ex Animo Art gallery in Adelaide on 23 September. Visiting Adelaide for the first time was a sweet surprise! The Exanimo gallery is a beautiful spacious spot at 134 King Williams Road, Hyde Park. If you’re ever in the area, pop in.

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SALife magazine featuring one of my new works, “Just lolling about”, Oil on canvas, 195 x 105cm

“Archipelago girl”, seen below, is the first in a new series I’ve been working on, called “Sublime Madonnas.” These works depict women in larger-than-life fashion and wild flowers, animals and birds assist in conveying and accentuating moods and feelings. They’re large paintings which combine elements of Pop Art with my usual painterly style. The silver under-layers and often-black backgrounds remind me of old film negatives and I’m enjoying playing around with bold contrasts in colour, texture and subject matter. : )

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Archipelago girl, Oil on canvas, 200 x 120cm – SOLD

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At work on Archipelago girl

New Art Work:

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Wild but Real Expectations, Oil on canvas, 187 x 97cm (Available)

Another new work is the “Sapphire Fields” diptych (Sold):

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At work on Sapphire fields
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“Moonlight bouquet”, Oil on canvas, 90 x 90cm (Sold)
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“Ascension” is available as a print in various sizes on paper and on canvas.
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“Summer breeze” opening night

The “Summer Breeze” exhibition at Applecross Art, back in April, was a great opportunity for art lovers in the area to get a hold of small paintings. Often smaller nooks in the home are forgotten about, but this exhibition provided buyers with a large selection of smaller works in a variety of subject matter.

The “Salon style” is a stylish way of displaying a group of smaller works to big effect. Seen below, a very beautiful toilet at the Hout Bay Manor hotel in South Africa.

Newsletter 10 2022 010 wb

While some argue that art can transform a space, the French interior designer, Jacques Granges said “Art doesn’t transform a space, but it magnifies it and gives it a rare flavour and style”.

If you are interested in any of the works featured in this newsletter or would like to discuss a commissioned work, please contact me at:


T/ +61 40 6675 826

Hope your next couple of weeks are inspired!

Till next time!

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