Liz Gray Art News – August 2021


Amid the turmoil in the world, I hope that you’re having a good month!

I always love seeing my paintings hanging in their new homes. One of the works sold at the recent Applecross Art showing in Sorrento, is Scarlet Tide, featured here in the striking home of Fabrizio and Rhonda Bruno. They weren’t afraid to use colour and have matched the reds perfectly to great effect!

Liz Newsletter 4 1
Scarlet Tide in its new home

The Martian Hue 24 Colour Wheel below, is very helpful when it comes to finding tones and complementary colours to match up works of art for interiors:

Liz Newsletter 4 2
The Martian Hue 24 Colour Wheel

Entrance into Aqua, is beautifully contrasted in its interior against warm, orangey tones in the floorboards:

Liz Newsletter 4 3
Entrance into Aqua
Liz Gray's Peonies at Midnight
Peonies at Midnight

Creamy yellow tones in the centre of the blooms in Peonies at Midnight are successfully picked up in the natural shades of this elegant interior:

When doves cry, a work from about two years ago, hangs in the fascinating home of Paul and Kerry Miller. Once again, complimentary oranges and blues really set things off!

Liz Gray's When doves cry
When doves cry

Copper painting workshop

Liz Gray's Copper painting workshop
Copper painting workshop

A delightful winter, warming night was had by all who attended my Copper painting workshop on Tuesday evening, 3 August. Participants learnt painting and engraving techniques for working on copper plates. We designed and painted a Byzantine style figure, seen below. Each attendee left with their own ready to hang artwork and many were surprised to discover their artistic abilities! The night was made more magical with delicious refreshments and traditional German glühwein made over a fire. Andreas and Amke Buse from Applecross Art were fantastic hosts. ☺

Little Byzantine lady on copper
Little Byzantine lady on copper

Please make contact if you’d like to attend the next workshop.

New Work: Botanical Dreaming

A new work is available at Applecross Art Gallery. Botanical Dreaming, seen here on my easel in the studio, is 1500mm x 900mm and is oil on canvas.

Liz Gray's Botanical Dreaming
Botanical Dreaming in studio

If you are interested in any of the works featured in this newsletter or would like to discuss a commissioned work, please contact me at:
T/ +61 466 272 852
Hope your next couple of weeks are inspired!
Till next time!

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