How Liz Gray Finds ‘Unstoppable Energy’

Liz Gray has been painting throughout her whole life ? from her first memories of nursery school, through studying Fine Art at university, while raising her children, and now, she says, as she gets older she finds ?an unstoppable energy? in the work.
Her paintings are glamorous and womanly. Liz chooses traditionally feminine themes such as flowers or birds and muses on her daughters. She draws deeply from Mother Nature, using paint to explore and document her sensory responses to the beauty around her.
This beauty may be perpetual or may be found in a flicker of light in a passing moment. Liz’s artwork is concerned with capturing these experiences.

?Beauty is transient and I need to be able to get it down before that feeling goes?.

Liz Gray

She works quickly, drawing on her finely honed skills to distil the moment into gestural oil painted canvases.
Liz Gray’s paintings take expansive emotional and spiritual responses to her subjects and create immersive paintings that are full of sensory energy. This doesn’t just capture the moment, but provides her with a method to pass that enjoyment on, and her canvases are a vibrant addition to a contemporary art collection. These are large, yet wall-sized works that can happily find a home in any interior ? providing both impact and inspiration!