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If I could say it in words, there would be no reason to paint”, said artist, Edward Hopper.

There are many reasons people make art, but I think the most important of these is to raise consciousness of life around us. Painting flowers is a great love of mine and working on large scale canvasses, like I often do, allows wonderful freedom of expression. I am continually in awe of the natural world because it presents to us all the colour combinations and designs, we could ever imagine!   

IMG 2294
A new work in progress
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Award Exhibition:

I’m pleased to be a finalist on the City of Joondalup’s Invitation Award for 2021 and will be exhibiting a work, titled, “Magic Mycelium”.

As you may know, I also paint on copper and this new work of mine, also explores the natural world.

Recalling ideas of magic mushrooms from the hippy era, the work comments on the interconnectedness of humans and mycelium.  Young women contentedly doze, “tripping” on mycelium; the underground root system which cleanses the earth, triggers immune cell function and connects us with everything. I re-examine the Renaissance art of painting on copper in this work and hope to raise consciousness of the concept of the circle of life!

IMG 2297 2
Magic Mycelium by Liz Gray I Oil on copper with engraving I 80cm x 80cm

This work is 80cm in diameter and can be hung easily as it is mounted against a timber backing with D-rings.

Price: $3750

Please pop by Westfield, Whitford City, between Sunday 10 October and 24 October to see it if you can!

Another work on my easel is the one below, in tones of reds and blacks. I haven’t given it a title yet, but it’s focused on grevilleas and is a follow on from “Outback chic”, which was recently sold at Applecross Gallery.

IMG 2295
A work in progress, title, possibly “girl of the grevilleas” ?
Liz Gray's Outback Chic oil painting original art for sale product
Outback Chic by Liz Gray | Oil on Canvas | 180 x 100cm
IMG 2291
Surf at Sunrise by Liz Gray I Oil on Canvas I 25 x 35cm

This is an unusually small work for me and is just 35cm x 25 cm. Price, $600. It’ll look great in a frame and will work well on a “salon” style wall.

I’m excited to be heading up to Ningaloo for a short break and hope to show you some new floral works inspired by the area in the next while!

If you are interested in any of the works featured in this newsletter or would like to discuss a commissioned work, please contact me at:


T/ +61 40 6675 826

Hope your next couple of weeks are inspired!

Till next time!

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